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Are you interested in buying personal insurance cover and want to know how much it might cost? Draw your own illustrative GREENLIGHT Personal Cover quote online - there is no obligation on you to buy. You can choose between life, funeral, disability and severe illness cover.

This insurance calculator will help you get a quick online quote. It is not a substitute for financial advice and does not contain the full range of GREENLIGHT benefits on offer.

For a personalised quote, or if you would like to find out more about the benefits quoted on or the rest of GREENLIGHT's range of products, please speak to your financial adviser or broker. Alternatively, you can provide us with a few of your details and we will contact you during office hours.

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Life cover GREENLIGHT Death Benefit

Cover Amount
Monthly premium

Funeral cover: GREENLIGHT Final Expenses Benefit

Cover Amount
Monthly premium

Disability cover: GREENLIGHT Comprehensive Disability Benefit

Cover Amount
This disability benefit does not cover the occupation you have selected. There may be other disability benefit options available. You can contact us or we can call you.
Monthly premium

Severe illness cover: GREENLIGHT Premium Severe Illness PLUS Benefit

Cover Amount
Monthly premium
Total Monthly Premium
To explore these and our other premium options that will best suit your needs, contact us or let us call you.

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