Driving under the influence is a no, no!

“It is unfortunate that there are still so many South African drivers who risk taking to the road after having too much to drink,” says Willem Smith, CE of Old Mutual iWYZE.

“The number of alcohol-related road deaths over the December holidays is clear evidence of this. Our research also shows that alcohol-related vehicle accidents are not isolated to the holiday period."

The number of claims, which appear to involve drinking and driving, submitted to the short-term insurer during December, shows that people still have no regard for the country's laws and rules of the road.

Between December 2012 and January 2013, iWYZE had 2.6% registered claims and of those 0.46% were repudiated due to drinking and driving. The number of claims decreased during the 2013/2014 festive period to 1.9%, but again, 0.64% of those claims were repudiated due to drinking and driving.

"These statistics prove that people still have a 'don’t care' attitude towards drinking and driving. Motorists still do not fully appreciate the consequences of their actions, but with more rigorous law enforcement and awareness campaigns, this will change over time. "We believe that educating the public is important. Our research shows that only 5% of the population knows what the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is."