Coronation Balanced Plus Fund

24 October 2018

General Information

Status Open
Fund category: Unit Trust
Management company: Coronation Fund Managers Ltd.
Asset Manager(s): - Karl Leinberger
- Sarah-Jane Alexander
- Adrian Zetler
Sector South African--Multi Asset--High Equity
Benchmark Composite benchmark: 52.5% equity; 22.5% bonds; 5% cash; 20% international
Launch Date 15 April 1996
Fund Value ZAR 91,179,732,336.00 as at 30 Jun 2018
Risk Rating
Low Risk  High Risk
Performance Target N/A
Status is provided by the management company. This does not provide an indication of the availability of the fund within an Old Mutual product and may differ from the status of the fund within a product. The displayed risk rating may differ from the risk rating provided by the management company, where deemed appropriate.

Fund Description

A fully managed investment solution diversified across the various asset classes and sectors. Its asset allocation is compliant with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.


Latest NAV/Sell Price: ZAR 9,958.35 23 Oct 2018
Highest NAV/Sell Price: ZAR 11,040.42 13 Nov 2017

Prices are those of the class available to the public through an Old Mutual product.

Price Performance

Daily Performance Figures as at 23 October 2018

1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Fund performance results are calculated on the NAV-to-NAV fund performance of the oldest class, net of asset management fees. Figures are calculated on a lump sum basis in the currency of the fund and are annualised. Sector performance results include reinvested income and are gross of any deductions.

Asset Management Fees

Initial Fee: 0%
Annual Fee: 0.97
Performance Fee: N/A
Total Expense Ratio: 1.15
Fees are those of the class available to the public through an Old Mutual product and include VAT. Fees are those levied when investing in the fund through an Old Mutual product and are separate from product administration charges and adviser fees. For feeder funds and funds of funds, the total annual asset management fee does not include the fees in respect of underlying unit trust charges. The annual underlying unit trust charges generally vary between 0.46% and 1.14% including VAT, depending on the fund(s) chosen.

Asset Split as at 30 June 2018

Holding Name Percentage
Foreign Bonds
Foreign Cash
Foreign Equities
Foreign Property
Local Bonds
Local Cash
Local Equities
Local Property

Top Holdings (out of 34) as at 30 June 2018

Holding Name Sector Percentage
O-CGLOPEQ Offshore Intern 17.22%
BONDS Bond 13.70%
INDUSTLESS1 General Industrials 8.20%
CASH Cash on call 7.15%
NASPERS-N Media 4.69%
BATS Tobacco 4.35%
FINANCIALESS1 General Financial 4.01%
O-COGEMK Offshore Intern 3.46%
CAFCZ Equities 3.12%
PROPERTYLESS1 Real Estate 2.86%


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