When to get life cover

When you get married, start a family or when you have family – anyone for that matter - who is dependent on you. That’s when you should consider life insurance policies.

Why do I need life insurance?

Ask yourself this – is there someone other than yourself who is dependent on your income or salary? If your answer is yes, then you need life insurance. Should anything happen to you, your salary stops being paid. Think about the impact that will have on your family. How will they cope with monthly expenses such as bond and car repayments, groceries, school fees and medical aid? Your life insurance policy will pay out a sum of money to your nominated beneficiary/ies should you die. They can then use the money to settle debt and maintain their standard of living.

30-year-old George September is a Gr 6 Maths teacher. He has a wife and a 2-yr-old daughter. He has R3 000 000 GREENLIGHT life cover and pays R540/month. George has peace of mind knowing his family will be taken care of.

How much life insurance do I need?

We can’t tell you the exact amount of life insurance you need in South Africa but we can give you a guide. Before trying out our online life cover quote tool consider the following:

  • Do you just want a life insurance policy for yourself or for you and others, for example, life cover for parents?
  • How much cover would you like? Think about what you currently contribute to the household expenses and consider big debt such as the bond.
  • What can you afford to pay every month? Many people start with basic cover and then add on different options (such as disability, severe illness or retrenchment cover) when they can.
  • Do you need cover for HIV positive individuals?
  • Are you prepared to go for a medical? Going for a medical might help reduce your premiums.

Get a life cover quote

Try our life cover premium calculator to instantly get life insurance quotes online in South Africa.

Your ability to earn an income and take care of your family and dependants can also be affected should you become disabled, fall ill or become retrenched. For even more comprehensive insurance cover consider these options – disability cover, severe illness cover and retrenchment cover - at the same time as your life insurance.

Why Old Mutual?


We provide immediate life cover. You’ll receive up to 30 days of cover before paying your first premium.


We pay what we promise. Old Mutual has paid 97% of all assessed claims in 2016.


We have been taking care of our customers for over 170 years. Choosing a life insurance company in South Africa that you can trust and gives you peace of mind.

What we offer

We offer you affordable life insurance options to suit your cover choice and pocket. Some options are available online, over the phone and via financial advisers. Compare Old Mutual life cover products in the table below.

Maximum cover R99 000 000 R500 000
Do I need to go for a medical?
Can I miss up to 6 premiums for the policy duration?
Can I get an online quote?
Can I purchase via an adviser?


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