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Trust Old Mutual Standard Funeral Plan to be there when you need it most.  In 2016, we paid out over R2 billion in claims.

Get a quick online funeral insurance quote to cover just yourself, your immediate family and parents, and/or extended family in South Africa with the Old Mutual Standard Funeral Plan featuring great benefits including funeral cover with no waiting period option, and cash back from only R43 per month.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Claiming is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Report the death at Home Affairs in order to receive a Death Certificate.
  2. Gather all the necessary documentation (for e.g. copy of death certificate, copy of IDs for deceased and beneficiary, proof of beneficiary banking details, etc) and complete the required forms.
  3. Submit the forms to Old Mutual via email, fax or post.

Yes you can. Depending on the Plans you choose you can cover your immediate family, your parents, parents-in-law and up to a maximum of 8 extended family members (e.g. grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews).

Yes, most funeral plans do have exclusions. You will need to look at your specific policy to see what has been excluded. A few examples of what constitutes exclusion and may result in your claim not being paid out are:

  • Knowingly not disclosing certain information required on the form – for e.g. if you are aware of a medical condition but don’t disclose it when asked.
  • If death resulted from suicide.
  • If death occurred from natural causes within a predefined time period.
  • If you live outside the country for a set period of time.

Depending on the type of plan you can:

  • Get immediate cover (even before you make your first premium).
  • Have a 3- or 6-month waiting period.

The payout (a lump sum) is made to the nominated beneficiary. There is no breakdown of the payout and the money is not allocated to specific costs or items.

Yes. When you take out a Funeral Plan with Old Mutual you automatically gain access to More4U Value Added Benefits. One of the options available is Funeral Support. You will be able to get help with funeral arrangements, organising a death certificate, filling legal documents as well as referrals to pathologists and funeral or cremation services.

Yes. When you take out a Funeral Plan with Old Mutual you automatically gain access to More4U Value Added Benefits. One of the options available is Funeral Support. More4U Funeral Support will help you transport the body of the life covered in the policy to a funeral home closest to the place of burial. You may access free accommodation for a relative who accompanies the body.


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You may want to consider our other funeral cover products. The Old Mutual Care Plan is ideal for individuals who just want cover for themselves. It has a lower starting premium and an initial maximum cover of R50 000.

The Old Mutual Comprehensive+ Plan has a higher starting premium but enables you to cover more (extended) family members, enjoy double accident cover, death and disability paid-up benefits and a Funeral Income benefit.

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